Ice Castles

” What good is the warth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness”

~John Steinbeck

Ooooh baby, it’s cold outside! And that means winter is finally here! Some people might think that Im a little crazy because I absolutely love winter time, but how could you not with so many fun activities to do! Colorado has some of the most epic ski slopes, cozy mountain cabins, endless snowshoe trails, tubing hills, snow-wheeling trails, and family friendly adventures for every age. Which brings me to this….

The Ice Castles.

I mean come on, look at how awe-inspiring these are! It’s like you stepped into the movie frozen! Its a fairytale world that you need to experience for yourself! The Ice Castles were created by Brent Christensen in 2011. He built his first ice cave in his front yard to occupy his children on a cold winter’s day. The ice cave brought so much attention to the neighborhood, now sparking his larger creation for people all over the country to enjoy. These icy wonders include frozen mazes, slot canyons, archways, a throne room, a color changing fountain, glacial waterfalls, and ice slides. All iluminated with hundreds of leds to bring the ice alive. The ice building process is tedious with 15,000-20,000 icicles being formed each night. The icicles are placed throughout the site, sprayed with water, and repeated for months. The icicles form to one another each night creating huge glacial walls, some upwards of 30 feet. Once the castles are formed, the ice sculpture can weigh almost 25-30 million pounds! These natural ice formations have become a huge hit and are now available for viewing in 6 different states. So grab the whole family, your significant other, or maybe you’re soon to be fiance( hint, hint…its a magical engagement spot) and go make some memories at this spectacular icy winter wonderland!

Location: Dillon, Colorado

What to bring: Winter boots, warm clothing, a camera, a sled to pull children, your ticket!

Tickets: $15.95 adult weekday, $18.95 adult weekend.

$10.95 children weekday, $14.95 children weekend.