Jenny Lake

“A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earths eye: looking into which the beholder measures the depth of their own nature”

~Henry David Thereau

Looking for an epic camp spot this weekend that offers a little bit of everything!? Off-road to a beautiful reflective alpine lake, nestled deep in the Colorado backcountry! This area offers gorgeous mountain views, hiking trails, fishing, dispersed camping, and mountain biking trails. You know what is the most awesome part about this Lake? You dont have to battle the I-70 traffic to get to it!! So pack up your truck, invite some good friends, and spend a night at Jenny Lake! Don’t forget the beer and smores!

This area was developed in the mid 1800’s and was known as Moffat Road. This path went over the Continental Divide and was developed to connect Boulder with Winter Park. ┬áIn the late 1800’s, John Rollins developed a toll road for ranchers to move cattle through the Front Range. They named the town of Rollinsville and Rollins Pass after him. In the early 1900’s, David Moffat replaced the toll road with a railway. The Needle Eye Tunnel was built near the summit of Rollins Pass for the railway and 4×4 traffic. The tunnel closed in the 90’s due to a huge rockfall. Moffat Road now continues through the town of Rollinsville all the way to the closed tunnel. The road continues on the other side of the tunnel to Corona Pass. The views from up here are to die for! Fields of wildflowers, huge mountain peaks, and above treeline views make you feel like you’re on top of the world! In the summer months after the winter thaw, this road offers two beautiful mountain lakes, Yankee Doodle Lake and Jenny Lake. Now don’t be getting any ideas…we can’t share EVERY epic camp spot with you. But for now we can share just this one!

Jenny Lake is the definition of Colorado. The mountains reflect in its still, calm waters. Evergreen trees cast a green glow all around the waters edge. Waterfalls travel all the way down these green mountain hills. Wildflowers are everywhere you look. Its a gorgeous area to enjoy everything that the mountains have to offer. Here you can hike to the abandoned tunnel, kayak, paddle board, or just relax in a hammock with the sounds of nature around you. Whatever you decide, this backcountry escape is worth trying! Happy Trails!

(Make sure to check with your statewide fire bans restrictions, this area is still under fire ban 7/23/18)