Mountain Partners in Crime

“Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them.”
-Anna Taylor
 Have you ever met someone and immediately had this awesome connection?  You have so much fun that you wish you could of met them sooner? Your nights together consist of so much laughing that your sides hurt? Solid couples are hard to find, so we totally lucked out when we met Jordan and Zach. We didn’t just gain two new friends though, we scored an epic mountain couple! They are always down for an adventure and always looking for a good time! Even at 2 am, when we decide its a good idea to put our paddle boards in our tiny apartment swimming pool. The cops did come, but that’s a different story for a later date (Haha) 😉 Anyways, these two enrich our lives in so many ways. It’s so refreshing to meet such wholesome people that love everything that we do. We feel very lucky to have crossed paths and are excited to make even more memories together in the future.
Our most recent adventure together was up to Mayflower Lake in Summit County. It was a snowshoeing expedition but since we’ve been lacking precipitation this winter, you could hike the whole trail in just hiking boots. The trek up the mountain was through a forest of bright green spruce trees, all kissed with snow. We had beautiful weather that day so the sun gleamed through the tree branches and onto our faces. The fresh mountain air was crisp as we hiked up some steep grades to reach our alpine lake.
There were so many photo opportunities throughout this excursion. There were huge mountain tops cascading over the snowy valley, tree trunks that twisted across trail, and giant snow covered peaks that engulfed the alpine lake at the top. There was even enough fluffy snow off the side of the trail to make some snow angels (of course Jordan didn’t hesitate when I suggested the idea!) It was a perfect day to appreciate nature and good friends.
I look foward to hiking this again in the summertime so we can see the alpine lake in all its glory! If you feel like getting out this weekend and enjoying some incredible sights, venture off to Mayflower Lake! Just don’t forget to grab some epic people to share it with! 🙂