My Happy Place

“Happiness is found in the simplest of things. Happiness is found in gratitude, in a kept promise, in good conversation, in love, in friendship, in a achieved goal, in a fond memory; in all the simple maginificance of life”

~Dr. Steve Maraboli

Imagine a warm, sunny 75 degree day. You’re cruising in your car with the windows down and your favorite song starts blasting on the radio. How could you not have the biggest smile on your face? Or fresh bed linens right out of the dryer. A really good movie. Tacos. Cuddling a puppy. The smell of fresh cut grass. Falling in love. Fireflies. Hugging someone. Dancing all night long. All of these things bring genuine happiness to your life and you cant help but feel overwhelmed with joy. (Okay, if you don’t feel overwhelmed with joy from tacos then you should just stop reading our blogs right now because we simply can’t be friends, lol!) I’m reminiscing about these happy moments in life because that’s the feeling I get when I visit the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado. It’s the most photographed mountain range in Colorado and there is no question why. It’s magical. It’s my happy place….

When the light is perfect, the huge mudstone layered peaks reflect off the lake making for the most breathtaking photographs. Vibrant wildflower filled valleys, babbling streams, and huge golden aspen groves surround the 14,000 foot peaks making this area a huge tourist attraction. The fall time displays panoramic views of bright orange and yellow aspen leaves everywhere you look. The hiking trails provide many photo worthy scenes, with mature aspen trees painting a golden hue for your backcountry adventure.

The area offers many hiking excursions, Crater Lakes being one of our favorites. It’s a 3.5 mile hike to another reflective lake, cascading more beauty for your day. It’s well worth the extra trek and a little more peaceful without all the extra tourists. Fishing is allowed at Maroon/Crater Lakes, as well as reserved camping spots. If you are anything like us, we love to escape civilization. There is backcountry camping available for total seclusion. Just be aware of your surroundings in this area and bring bear spray on your trip. I’ve heard that bears are highly active in the Maroon Wilderness. I even had a friend get bit in his ass by a bear, right through his tent!! What a moment to live through and a crazy story to tell your friends! It’s always good to be cautious and prepared, just don’t keep any snacks in your tent and you shouldn’t become a bear snack. Haha. The Maroon Bells entrance closes in November but you can snowshoe, cross country ski, or take snowmobile tours to Maroon Lake. I’ve never visited in the winter months but it’s definitely on my to do list!

Go experience this beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape! I promise this scenic wonder will become your new favorite place! Happy trails!