The Road to Vagabond

” Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. Its all the wild stuff that happens along the way.”

~Emma Chase


Sorry for the last few weeks of being M.I.A, but we have been crazy busy trying to expand Mountain Goodness while having a little fun along the way! First order of operation was adding our new shop to the MG website! We now offer stickers, die cut stickers, patches, magnets, and magnetic koozies! Why magnetic you ask?? Ever been camping, have your hands full, and just need a place to set your beer really quick? Just stick it to the side of your truck! Boom! Stick it to the side of your chair (if its metal), stick it to your tailgate, stick it anywhere magnetic! If you’re questioning its durability, the koozie can hold a full 120z can, 16oz can, or 12oz bottle. A friend once told us that they accidentally left a full koozie on the side of their truck and continued down a rocky off-road trail. The koozie never fell off the truck! If that doesn’t sell you, then I don’t know what will!!

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Now to the more important upgrade….The Vagabond!!!

I’m the kind of girl that can sleep on the ground, no problem. When my husband sparked some interest in a CVT (Cascadia Vehicle Tent), I jumped on the opportunity and bought him one for his birthday. Yeah I know, wifey of the year award! 🙂  The CVT is amazing! (not to mention the owner Bobby and his whole team) You’re lifted off the ground, have more comfort with the 2.5″ inch mattress, and feel a little less vulnerable to be a bear snack. It completely changed our camping game. The CVT is a quality product and I highly recommend it to the avid camper. Rain or shine, it made camping that much better. So once again, we stepped our game up even higher. My husband has been following the owner’s of Vagabond and their camper builds on their personal social media accounts for a while. He has been totally stoked on their new tent/camper that was going to be available this month. Ahhh “The Drifter”.  Its an aluminum, lightweight camper that is built for most mid sized trucks.  Although I completely understood why he wanted to upgrade our camping game, I was sad to see the CVT go. But with us trying to adventure for longer periods of time and needing more security to our truck bed, it just made more sense.

So after weighing out our options, we decided we would take the leap and ride the road to Vagabond. One of the owners Phil is a stellar guy and offered to meet us half way to do his first mobile install. He resides in California and with us being in Colorado, Wendover Nevada was our middle ground. If you have never been to Wendover, umm well… you’re lucky. Its a casino town in the middle of nowhere. Coolest part was the gigantic neon cowboy that points you in the direction of town. Its a place that makes you appreciate where you live. Sorry Wendover residents, haha. The mobile install took about 2 hours, which gave Phil the opportunity to further his knowledge on how to better their mobile installation process. Now we were ready to hit the trail and test this bad boy out!

The Vagabond camper would give us the ability to utilize his whole truck bed as a living area. You can literally stand up in your truck bed…BONUS! It has quicker pop up and tear down times, more space to store our goods, and the ability to edit pictures and keep up with the Mountain Goodness life. We have electrical outlets, a fridge, and a fan for those hot summer nights. What more could you ask for!? The weight of the camper doesn’t compromise our ability to off-road so we can get to those epic, secluded camp spots. Just when I didn’t think our camping game could get any better, my husband comes in with the win! We absolutely love our new drifter!

A huge thank you to Phil for being such a stand up guy and meeting us in the middle of the desert! Its hard to find good customer service these days and you far exceeded all expectations!

Go check them out at :

A quality company, amazing customer service, and just an all around killer product for any outdoor enthusiast!