The Most Epic Day of Our Lives

“ As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen”
~Winnie the Pooh
When people ask me about my husband I can’t help but become this smitten pile of melting love goo. The ultimate joy that I feel inside and the gushing smile says it all. This is the man of my dreams. Not because he is handsome, hilarious, and the definition of chivalrous but because he is my best friend. I can always count on him to make the best out of every situation, not to mention he is always down for an adventure! He is my epic mountain man. Our love is easy, its natural, it’s a fairytale relationship that I’m forever grateful for. Which brings me to this….
The best day of our lives….
September 23 2017, our wedding day. Imagine a canyon painted with bright yellow aspen leaves shimmering in the wind. Vibrant blue skies, powder covered mountain tops all around you, and fresh mountain air so crisp that you can feel autumn on your skin. It is the peak weekend for the fall foliage in Vail Colorado and a perfect weekend to get married.
Since we are such mountain lovers, we decided to rent a rustic log cabin through  The house was nestled up against a backdrop of golden aspen trees and colorful wildflowers. This was the most beautiful setting for a fall mountain wedding. The cabin was equipped with a fire pit, gorgeous stone terraces, and plenty of space for people to get down and party! The whole family stayed for the weekend while the ceremony/reception took place in the back yard.
Aaaaaand the rest is history. Besides a few minor set backs due to cold and rainy weather (rain is good luck, right!?) we couldn’t of asked for a better day. The weather made the party more intimate, with everyone mingling and interacting inside the cabin. It was so nice to see how well our friends and family got along. Not to mention everyone had some killer dance moves! There were so many magical moments throughout our weekend that made this a time that we will never forget. From a moose crossing our path during our wedding pictures, the whole family seeing a shooting star at the same time, and a bright beautiful rainbow appearing off the side of a snowy mountain peak. It was unbelievable! There were millions of tears, an incredible amount of laughs, and a day filled with so much love. It was by far the most epic day of our lives and I couldn’t be more honored to join such an accepting, awesome family. Im a Henderson! 😃
Photography by the talented: Dan Kinzie
Additional Pictures From Our Amazing Day: